Fast Food Can Be Healthy

Fast food can be healthy – but let’s face it when fast food is mentioned, “healthy” doesn’t exactly come to mind. Healthy choices can be made when eating fast food. During the holiday season, everyone is in a mad dash to complete their shopping lists and because fast food is so easily accessible, it is an option for many.

Fast food is notorious for its empty calories and high fat and sodium content, but it’s filling, cheap and convenient. There have been studies showing that regular consumption of a fast food diet is detrimental to health, leading to cardiovascular disease and hypertension, among other health problems. Low to moderate intake of fast food is fine; daily life can be busy and stressful so stopping off at a fast food place won’t do much harm in the long run as long as it does not become a regular habit.

Here’s how to make fast food healthy:

  • Choose lean meat and more vegetables. Chicken is low in fat, but it can come fried or breaded, which adds more calories so order it steamed or grilled. Ask the server to not put mayonnaise or other condiments on the chicken. Otherwise, they will be slathered on. But condiments are OK as long as you use the packets and control the amount.
  • Dress salad yourself. When ordering a salad, choose a low-fat dressing such as a vinaigrette or olive oil. Request your dressing “on the side.” Avoid fattening dressings such as ranch, blue cheese, or Thousand Island. Choose salads that contain more lettuce and vegetables than croutons or cheese.
  • Side dishes are usually fattening. But if sides like French fries or onion rings are a necessary addition for a meal, choose the smallest size. Even better, choose a fruit side or a side salad, and use low-calorie dressing.
  • Avoid sodas and all other sweet drinks and go for water instead. Soda, sweet tea and shakes have high sugar content. If plain water is undesirable, add a lemon slice. A plain coffee will do, too.
  • Avoid super sized portions. Making the right fast food choices make a huge difference but only if the portions are not super sized. Avoid ordering anything super sized. To lower calorie intake even more, choose a side salad and ditch the French fries, onion rings etc.

Hope this helps and have a fantastic Christmas and New Year.

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